Initial Design

Initial design, also known as pre-contract design, tender documentation or conceptual design, is mostly used for inquiries and offers to shipyards and shipowners. This is the very beginning of the project where the main goal is to define the general characteristics and dimensions of the vessel and outline specifications etc.

CADMATIC empowers you to achieve these goals in the fastest way possible - generate accurate general arrangement drawings, reuse existing designs and previously created projects, create diagrams and preliminarily locate main equipment, prepare attractive 3D representations of the future vessel with CADMATIC’s Information Management solutions and produce material and equipment estimates for further budgeting.

Seamless Hull Import functions

Our long-term cooperation with NAPA and SARC ensures the smooth transfer of ship surfaces, which are used as the general shape of the ship in the basic and detailed design phases. In addition to NAPA and SARC, CADMATIC includes seamless imports for hull shape data from Rhino, Acis and Iges etc. via several interfaces.

Initial Design
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