Detailed Design

CADMATIC is a dedicated shipbuilding software system developed by professional shipbuilders, which includes structural design, piping and outfitting, electrical design and ducting. It automatically generates all the required output for production information.

The detailed design phase lasts the longest and is the most demanding phase for ship design tools. Modern projects generally involve complicated engineering that often includes several disciplines and requires a high level of accuracy.

Intuitive ways to create 3D models

In the detailed design phase, CADMATIC offers several intelligent and intuitive functionalities, which ensure that the models are accurately and efficiently designed and engineered. The topological data consists of relations between parts, which means that if a part is modified, the related parts change as well. This allows changes to be made easily and saves a lot of time during modifications.

CADMATIC contains a comprehensive hole manager to control pipe penetrations in structural components, as well as advanced weld managers and automatic bevel creation. Production information is generated automatically for part manufacture and assembly and 2D drawings are updated when changes are made in the model. The highly accurate shell plate development calculations include the creation of production templates and take the elongation data of plates into account. This prevents extra work during the build and ensures that all parts are delivered to the yard correctly.

With open, flexible, customizable and user-friendly attributes CADMATIC ensures that the detailed design phase is completed in the shortest time possible with the best quality designs. Numerous tools to speed up design, automate routine tasks, involve partners and share models and data have been developed by CADMATIC in close cooperation with shipyards and design offices.

Error-free models and drawings

3D design with sophisticated clash checks ensure error-free models and drawings for installation and production. It is always easier to solve these issues in the office while modelling than to deal with equipment and steel parts that have been delivered in the wrong sizes.

Detailed Design
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