Design phases

Initial Design

Initial design, also known as pre-contract design, tender documentation or conceptual design, is mostly used for inquiries and offers to shipyards and shipowners. This is the very beginning of the project where the main goal is to define the general characteristics and dimensions of the vessel and outline specifications etc.

CADMATIC empowers you to achieve these goals in the fastest way possible - generate accurate general arrangement drawings, reuse existing designs and previously created projects, create diagrams and preliminarily locate main equipment, prepare attractive 3D representations of the future vessel with CADMATIC’s Information Management solutions and produce material and equipment estimates for further budgeting.

Seamless Hull Import functions

Our long-term cooperation with NAPA and SARC ensures the smooth transfer of ship surfaces, which are used as the general shape of the ship in the basic and detailed design phases. In addition to NAPA and SARC, CADMATIC includes seamless imports for hull shape data from Rhino, Acis and Iges etc. via several interfaces.

Basic Design

During the basic design phase, the overall definition of the ship structure ensures that the required structural strength and functionality of the ship's systems, machinery and electric systems are achieved. Basic design also includes the arrangement of the decks and layout drawings of the main areas.

CADMATIC ensures that the 3D model created at this stage is easy to handle later on for detailed design. Previously created designs and standards can be used via the hull and outfitting library. The specially developed module for P&ID diagrams and schematics allows the user to easily start defining the ship system parameters as well as doing the preliminary 3D arrangement of machinery and outfitting.

Classification and General Arrangement drawings

CADMATIC effortlessly generates classification drawings for which no third party drafting software is needed. The link between the model and the drawings is synchronized, which means that the drawings can be created in parallel with modelling. General Arrangement drawings can be easily created by extracting the views from the 3D model. CADMATIC Information Management solutions make 3D General Arrangement a reality. It simplifies communication and review work between design offices, ship owners and shipyards and provides users with a comprehensive understanding of the design.

User-friendly 3D modeling in the early stages

Safety plans, layout drawings, preliminary lists of materials and specifications and space reservations are all integrated with the CADMATIC core – the 3D model of the ship. The model can be easily used to present designs to ship-owners, shipyards and design offices with eBrowser, eShare or eGo. Besides, CADMATIC provides users the possibility to start with diagrams in the very early stages of the project, which you can benefit from consistent project data later on in the project.

By using a fully interactive and easy-to-use 3D environment, CADMATIC speeds up the creation of arrangements and results in more accurate and clash-free designs. The basic design model can be easily exported via the eXchanger in various 2D and 3D formats, such as AutoCAD dwg, dxf, pdf etc.

Foundation for Detailed Design

The same basic design model is later used in the detailed design phase for detailed modelling, which avoids rework. The fact that CADMATIC uses the same 3D modelling functionalities in different design phases, ensures that the structural topology, pipe specifications as well as component and logistical data are preserved for further refinement as production information.

Detailed Design

CADMATIC is a dedicated shipbuilding software system developed by professional shipbuilders, which includes structural design, piping and outfitting, electrical design and ducting. It automatically generates all the required output for production information.

The detailed design phase lasts the longest and is the most demanding phase for ship design tools. Modern projects generally involve complicated engineering that often includes several disciplines and requires a high level of accuracy.

Intuitive ways to create 3D models

In the detailed design phase, CADMATIC offers several intelligent and intuitive functionalities, which ensure that the models are accurately and efficiently designed and engineered. The topological data consists of relations between parts, which means that if a part is modified, the related parts change as well. This allows changes to be made easily and saves a lot of time during modifications.

CADMATIC contains a comprehensive hole manager to control pipe penetrations in structural components, as well as advanced weld managers and automatic bevel creation. Production information is generated automatically for part manufacture and assembly and 2D drawings are updated when changes are made in the model. The highly accurate shell plate development calculations include the creation of production templates and take the elongation data of plates into account. This prevents extra work during the build and ensures that all parts are delivered to the yard correctly.

With open, flexible, customizable and user-friendly attributes CADMATIC ensures that the detailed design phase is completed in the shortest time possible with the best quality designs. Numerous tools to speed up design, automate routine tasks, involve partners and share models and data have been developed by CADMATIC in close cooperation with shipyards and design offices.

Error-free models and drawings

3D design with sophisticated clash checks ensure error-free models and drawings for installation and production. It is always easier to solve these issues in the office while modelling than to deal with equipment and steel parts that have been delivered in the wrong sizes.

Production Information

The production and outfitting of the ship at the yard is the final step before launching the vessel. In this final phase CADMATIC saves man-hours and reduces material costs by providing accurate data to the yard. The production data is automatically extracted from the 3D model at the latest possible stage, thereby ensuring that all modifications are included.

Machine-ready output

Production data can be fed directly into cutting, bending and welding machines to speed up production. Curved shell plates are mathematically calculated and take elongation into account for an exact plate. The geometry of the bending templates is generated automatically and can be nested in CADMATIC and cut with a milling machine. Pin jig tables are calculated from the same 3D model.

For piping and outfitting CADMATIC outputs manufacturing information such as cutting lists, surface treatment, welds, total weight and centre of gravity and automatically created isometrics to be used in the pipe shop. Pipe bending data is calculated directly from the 3D model and is available for CNC pipe bending machines.

Empowered to start building

CADMATIC offers yards a work-breakdown manager to sketch a build strategy to save even more man-hours. This empowers the yard to start building the moment the data is extracted from CADMATIC.

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