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CADMATIC Electrical is the most extensive electrical and automation design system on the market.

CADMATIC Electrical is the first comprehensive database-based solution for the different design and documentation needs of electrical and automation engineering: all electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering with one design application.

Key benefits

  • One sophisticated software package for all electrical, automation, and instrumentation documentation and 3D/BIM modeling
  • Integrated with Excel, DIALux, and other Cadmatic design applications
  • Multi-user and database-based features for efficient teamwork and unified design style
  • Centralized data management allows data to be created once, but for multiple use; editing data in one place updates it in all occurrences
  • Maximizes workflow flexibility on all project sizes
  • Generation and reuse options for efficient and time-saving design work
  • Intelligent object and data management supported with easy navigation

Terms of use

The CADMATIC Electrical trial offers you the chance to explore the full capabilities of the latest versions of CADMATIC Electrical for 30 days. The trial period starts immediately after you have filled this CADMATIC Electrical trial form.  

Please note that you can do the trial only once. The CADMATIC Electrical trial cannot be installed on computers that already have licensed CADMATIC Draw or CADMTATIC Electrical software installed. If you want a new trial period, please contact our sales team,

Choose CADMATIC Electrical and maximize your design output through integrated and high-level features and workflows.

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