CADMATIC Electrical

CADMATIC Electrical is a ready-made package for exacting industrial needs.

The versatile CADMATIC Electrical is an excellent choice for the different design and documentation needs of electrical and automation engineering: building electrification (BIM/3D), industrial electrical and automation engineering, layout design of switchboards and the design of distribution networks.

The most extensive design system on the market

CADMATIC Electrical is the most extensive electrical and automation design system on the market. CADMATIC Electrical will raise your work to a completely new level. Centralised control of design data from different fields is the key to everything. CADMATIC Electrical can be scaled to fit your needs.

Efficient data base system

Centralised data management makes it possible to edit data wherever you want. It is no longer necessary to enter the same design data again and again; instead, editing it in one place updates the data in all of its occurrences.

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can start the design anywhere you want, or wherever you can with the initial data available for the design: an installation drawing, a centre schema, a circuit schema, a cabinet layout or a database. You choose. You can use existing projects or project templates in designing schemas, which creates efficiency.