CADMATIC Drawing Viewer

CADMATIC Drawing Viewer is intended for viewing and printing out CAD drawings. It also includes basic drawing, editing and printing features.

CADMATIC Drawing Viewer is intended for viewing and printing out CAD drawings. It also includes basic drawing, editing and printing features, which also make it suitable for practicing the use of basic CAD software features. CADMATIC Drawing Viewer does not allow saving.

With CADMATIC Drawing Viewer, you can:

  1. Open DRW, DWG and DXF files – both in 2D and in 3D
    CADMATIC Drawing Viewer opens a variety of different CAD file formats. In addition to our own DRW format, you can also open DWG and DXF files with the Viewer software. CADMATIC Drawing Viewer can read both 2D and 3D files.
  2. Open IFC data models
    CADMATIC Drawing Viewer also supports data model-based design, which is becoming increasingly common in the construction field. With Viewer, you can open IFC models compliant with the IFC 2x3 CV 2.0 standard, such as architectural, structural, HVAC and electrical models. You can add several models to a single drawing, creating combination models.
  3. Use the versatile printing functions
    The versatile printing functions of our softwares are also available in CADMATIC Drawing Viewer. For example, you can print out drawings

    Based on the paper size (you can easily see how much fits on the paper); In pieces (when a large drawing needs to be printed out on smaller pieces of paper in several parts); Or as frame printouts (using the existing drawing frames in the drawing). With the user-friendly printing settings, you can change the appearance of the printouts in a wide variety of ways, such as the line thickness.
  4. Use predefined layer and printing routines for CADMATIC Electrical drawings
    CADMATIC Drawing Viewer has predefined special functions for the layer processing and printing of drawings created with the CADMATIC Electrical software.
    You can easily navigate between the different sheets of schemas created with the aforementioned software. There is a special function for the easy printing of different sheets of a schema from one or more drawing files.
  5. Practice using the main features
    CADMATIC Drawing Viewer can also be used to practice using the main features of the CADMATIC Draw software. However, it should be noted that the Viewer software does not include the functionalities of field-specific CADMATIC softwares.
Our excellent and widely recognised DWG compatibility ensures that you can open DWG drawings as old as dating from the 1980s flawlessly!