​CADMATIC successfully used by Shroff and Associates

One of CADMATIC’s latest customers in the Plant Industry is Shroff and Associates (Engineers) Pvt. Ltd. (Shroff). The company has been using CADMATIC Plant Design software for almost a year now and has already successfully completed several projects with CADMATIC software.

The Shroff office is located in Mumbai, India. Since 1989 they have been offering a wide variety of engineering and related technical services to Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petro Chemical and allied product plants. Over the years, they have completed more than 150 projects and now have more than 100 experienced engineers who have extensive knowledge in the civil, process, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and HVAC areas.

The team that is working with CADMATIC software.

Making the right choice

In 2016 Shroff started searching for a new design software package to be implemented at the company. Before choosing CADMATIC, the company management evaluated several other 3D software packages. At the beginning of 2017 it was decided that CADMATIC would the best choice for all of their detailed engineering. Since then the staff have received software training and the software has been fully implemented at the company. According to the management the software has a very short learning curve and they were quickly able to start using CADMATIC software in live projects.

One of the projects done with CADMATIC software.

Successful projects

Shroff has already successfully completed four projects with CADMATIC software. The management has been impressed with the strong and compact database, as well as the ease with which it can be managed. The overall package has made a good impression.

“We think the graphics of the software look really good and the online clash detection is a highly welcome addition. We are very satisfied with the support we get. CADMATIC’s support engineers are always available to help and the hands-on training was excellent”.

Another project done with CADMATIC software.

A real challenge

Shroff is currently working on a project that needs around 600 pieces of equipment, 3500 pipelines and 3000 tons of structural elements. This project is a real challenge, since the 3D model is very large and has to be completed within 4 to 5 months’ time. The company management, however, fully trust that it will be completed in time with the help of CADMATIC software.