International scientific and technical workshop on 3D design

From 22-23 March the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping hosted a two-day international workshop on modern design technologies in shipbuilding and industrial construction based on digital solutions from CADMATIC. The event was jointly organized with CADMATIC.

The first day’s topic was: "CADMATIC Marine Software Solutions – optimization of ship design and production processes". International guests were present at the opening ceremony including Mr. Kari Manner (Director of New Business Development at CADMATIC, Finland), Mr. Theodoor de Jonge (CADMATIC Chief Commercial Officer), Mr. Peter Szokody(Senior Specialist at the CADMATIC Office in Hungary). The Admiral Makarov State University was represented by: Vice-Rector for International Relations Victoria Leonidovna Marich, Deputy Director of the Center for Educational Services for Foreign Students Anatoly Viktorovich Burkov, Head of the Chair of Theory and Design of Marine Internal Combustion Engines, Professor Vladimir A. Zhukov, Head of the Laboratory of Ship and Enterprise Design, and Senior Teacher of the Chair of Theory and Design of Marine Internal Combustion Engines, Mikhail Petrovich Afanasyev. During the first day over 70 specialists from design and engineering organizations, shipbuilding and ship-repair enterprises, as well as the Admiral Makarov State University and the State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg joined the workshop.

On behalf of the rector of the Admiral Makarov State University, Sergey Olegovich Baryshnikov, the Vice-rector for international relations Victoria Leonidovna Marich welcomed the participants and wished them a successful workshop. She also stressed the importance of the university’s cooperation with industrial enterprises, including foreign companies, and thanked the guests from CADMATIC for their cooperation.

On behalf of CADMATIC, Mr. Theodor de Jonge thanked the audience for participating in the workshop, and wished them success. He expressed special gratitude to the university for organizing the event and for the many years of cooperation, which CADMATIC will continue promoting in future. In his presentation Theodore de Jonge also described the company, the stages of its development and structure; a special emphasis was placed on demonstrating projects implemented using CADMATIC technologies provided to customers worldwide.

Professor Vladimir A. Zhukov briefly described the opportunities for entering the university in the disciplines related to marine design and the development of this area of training at theAdmiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping.In his presentation, Associate Professor Anatoly Viktorovich Burkov introduced the university and described its structure as well as its main areas of activity. He highlighted some facts and figures reflecting the number of students, the range of international contacts and the participation of foreign companies in the development of the university's educational laboratories. He also stressed the importance of the development of the Laboratory of Ship and Enterprise Design for training of future design engineers.The laboratory was opened at the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shippingwith the direct participation of CADMATIC in 2016.

The head of the Laboratory of Ship and Enterprise Design, Mikhail Petrovich Afanasyev, also spoke at the workshop. He told the audience about the current engagement of the laboratory in the educational process, the nature of the training activities carried out, as well as about plans to increase the training load using the CADMATIC software package in light of the growing demand by industry for graduates.

Later, the guests had an opportunity to visit the laboratory where Mikhail Petrovich Afanasyev answered more questions.

Most of the presentations on the first day were related to CADMATIC’s digital solutions for the design of marine equipment. In particular, the following issues were tackled:

  • Project data management - eShare CADMATIC: creation of an electronic ship passport;
  • Detail design of ship hull structures;
  • Schematics and design of pipeline systems;
  • Design of cable routes and electrics;
  • Design of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • Production documentation release;
  • eBrowser 3D viewer and project coordination tool;
  • eGo - visualized 3D-model, design data on a tablet computer and updating in eShare.

The main speakers here were company representatives, E.M. Egorov and A.V. Tantsorov. They also answered various questions posed by the participants.

The work of the international workshop continued on March 23 on the topic: "CADMATIC - Tekla Software Solutions: Optimizing the processes of design and construction of industrial facilities". Tekla is a partner of CADMATIC and develops software for the design of various construction projects. Together with CADMATIC digital solutions for design of pipelines, cable and ventilation routes, the user can provide the customer with solutions of any detail level regarding industrial construction. The issues covered on second day of the workshop were:

  • Project data management - eShare: creation of an electronic building passport;
  • TEKLA Solutions: structural design;
  • Integration of TEKLA and CADMATIC: CADMATIC PLANT Design;
  • Circuit schematic and design of pipeline systems;
  • Design of cable routes and electrics;
  • Design of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • Building production documentation release

On the second day the audience (about 35 persons) consisted, for the most part, of managers and specialists in the field of construction and industrial design.

Both days of work were very intense. The participants thanked the organizers of the event, appreciated its content, and everyone agreed on the need to hold such meetings on a regular basis, once or twice a year.