CADMATIC 2017T1 now available

CADMATIC 2017T1 contains additional functionalities for the shell plate module, with the possibility to edit shell plate holes and produce pin-jig information, more color coding schemes in Diagrams, introduction of new methods for spools, the possibility to measure distances in point clouds in eBrowser, an out-of-the-box interface with Excel and CMIS Adapter in eShare and more.

In the 2017T1 release we included the official version of eBrowser (64-bit and 32-bit). In addition, we provide our customers with the opportunity to try out the new 3D visualization in the 64-bit eBrowser. This public preview version contains the new visualization core, a big step forward in how eBrowser models look, and takes the rendering performance to a whole new level. You can install and try it, also to test the compatibility of your hardware. There is no risk of losing any data, and you can always revert to the official version.

Click here to go to the 2017T1 Release Highlights.