CADMATIC receives positive feedback in latest customer survey

CADMATIC conducted a customer survey among its global customers in June this year. The response rate was sufficient to gain a clear view about how customers rate CADMATIC, our products and services. We are pleased to announce that our customers generally provided very positive feedback about CADMATIC. The feedback also contained valuable and concrete inputs for the future improvement and development of the company and its products.

CADMATIC presented papers at ICCAS 2017

This year CADMATIC was present at the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding, which was held in Singapore from the 26th to the 28th of September. CADMATIC presented two papers, written by Ludmila Seppälä and Mikko Yllikäinen, and presented by them for the first time at ICCAS 2017.

Business News November 2017

CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is currently used by more than 950 companies in 57 countries. We have new customers from Northern America, Europe and Asia who have started using CADMATIC software. Current customers have also continued investing in additional licenses. Here is the business news of the past few months.

​CADMATIC successfully used by Shroff and Associates

One of CADMATIC’s latest customers in the Plant Industry is Shroff and Associates (Engineers) Pvt. Ltd. (Shroff). The company has been using CADMATIC Plant Design software for almost a year now and has already successfully completed several projects with CADMATIC software.

Dakota Creek Industries implements CADMATIC Marine Design

Our latest Customer in the United States of America is Dakota Creek Industries Inc. Dakota Creek is located in Anacortes, Washington.

"Optimization of design and production processes in shipbuilding and ship repair" - Results of the round table

On 20 September 2017, within the framework of the NEVA 2017 exhibition, a round table was held regarding the "optimization of design and production processes in shipbuilding and ship repair" for representatives of design and engineering organizations, shipyards, ship-owners and shipbuilding universities. Seventeen different organizations took part in the round table discussions.

CADMATIC celebrates 35 years of software development

In late August CADMATIC employees and their family members gathered in Turku, Finland to celebrate 35 years of CADMATIC software development. Nearly 200 guests from 11 countries took part in the milestone jubilee festivities that were held at the historical Turku Castle.

DEKC Maritime - A solid company passionate about design and engineering

A company with more than 40 years’ experience: starting as the detail engineering department of Centraalstaal B.V. in 1972, DEKC has developed their knowledge and expertise to become an independent knowledge center for the maritime industry. DEKC Maritime offers design, detail engineering and operational support. Recently, the company changed its name from CIG Maritime Technology to DEKC Maritime. Before CIG Maritime Technology the name Vuyk Engineering Groningen was used.

New Plant Design customer in China

Wenzhou Baitong Engineering Co., Ltd., located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, is CADMATIC's latest customer in China. The company has decided to implement CADMATIC Plant Design software.

CADMATIC's latest customer from Sri Lanka

Colombo Dockyard is our new customer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. The company started using our Information Management Solution eBrowser, for ship design review.

Customer Survey Lottery price received

Mr. Zhang Jinfei, the winner of the CADMATIC Customer Survey Lottery, has received his price out of the hands of CADMATIC Sales Manager Chuande Lu. Mr. Jinfei works at ECONOVO Marine Engineering.

New CADMATIC Marine Design users in Finland

Two ship design companies from Finland have joined the CADMATIC user list. Both Deseco Oy and LST Engineering Oy have purchased CADMATIC Outfitting software.

CADMATIC customer survey lottery winner

This morning at 9.30 local time we drew lots to select the winner of the Surface Pro Tablet 4, eGo license and 2 years of maintenance. Congratulations to the winner: Mr. Zhang Jinfei from Econovo! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the customer survey and look forward communicating with you in the future. 

Business News June 2017

CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is used by more than 900 companies in 55 countries. We continue to show strong growth with new customers that have joined the CADMATIC family and current customers that have invested in additional licenses. Here is the business news of the past few months.

True life cycle management with BIM and 3D models

Using BIM (Building Information Modelling) for Operation & Maintenance has become a hot topic in the last few years. One company that has long been at the forefront of BIM for O&M development is Siveco China. It is the largest maintenance consultancy in China and a pioneer in the development of Maintenance 4.0 technologies. Since 2015 CADMATIC has been a Siveco Value-Added Partner. The integration between the CADMATIC eBrowser and Siveco’s bluebee® cloud is illustrated in the images and captions provided here.

CADMATIC 2017T2 now available

CADMATIC 2017T2 includes new features for CADMATIC Marine Design, Plant Design and Information Management software and is now available for download in our customer area.

New Plant customer welcomed in China

Shenyang Yuanda Compressor Co., Ltd is CADMATIC's newest Plant Design customer. The company is located in Shenyang, in the Liaoning province of China and is specialized in the development and manufacturing of reciprocating piston compressors.

Gondan Ingenieria implements CADMATIC software

Gondan Ingenieria S.L. from Castropol, Spain, has chosen to implement CADMATIC Marine Design software. Both CADMATIC Hull and Outfitting will be implemented as soon as possible.

CADMATIC Marine Magazine 2017 now available

We are happy to inform you that the CADMATIC Marine Magazine 2017 is now available. Click the picture below to open it.

CADMATIC reports robust growth for 2016

In 2016 CADMATIC continued the strong growth of recent years with turnover increasing by 60 % to a new record level of 14 million euros. The profitability of business operations has also remained at a good level.

CADMATIC software was implemented in 46 countries in 2016. The most significant growth was seen in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Far East. The countries in these regions…