CPDES: collaborative software infrastructure accelerates ship design

CADMATIC, Conoship International and SARC have joined forces to develop a collaborative ship design system. The 24-month project, which runs from 2016 to 2017, is titled CPDES (Collaborative Platform for the Design and Engineering of Ships).

The development of the first project phase is supported by the Dutch “MKB Innovatiestimulering Regio & Topsectoren” program. CPDES aims to create a collaborative software infrastructure that accelerates ship design.

In the early design stage, most SME shipyards and design offices have difficulty controlling consistency when exchanging the ship’s arrangement and hull data between the 2D General Arrangement (G.A.) plan and stability analysis tools. The exchange of design data is often done manually and it can take days to implement design changes like repositioning decks or bulkheads in the G.A. Plan and analysing the effects in the various design calculation applications. Performing damage stability calculations very late in the basic design process, for example, often involves a lot of rework and increased building costs if the design doesn’t fulfil the requirements.

Time-consuming design data exchanges and managing the consistency of design data are designers’ main challenges. Therefore, uniform, modern data exchange interfaces between early design software tools and steel design software tools are very beneficial, which is exactly what CPDES aims to achieve.

With a focus on bulkheads & decks, compartments and piping, CPDES aims to create a V1.0 implementation, which covers intensively used data and actions, as well as a comprehensive manual and other instruction materials. CPDES has already achieved the following for bulkheads and decks:

  • A two-way 3D data exchange between PIAS and CADMATIC Hull.
  • Two-way communication between PIAS and Eagle (Conoship), which is used for tank arrangement plans.
  • A 3D data synchronization mechanism between PIAS and CADMATIC Hull.
  • A communication mechanism over TCP/IP with simple command line based installation.

The following will be achieved in CPDES V1.0:

  • Extension of the data synchronization to N participants, including the development of a common version management tracker. It is a single software tool that integrates all CPDES-connected software.
  • User-friendly installation and software management functions
  • Sharing of compartment data between PIAS and CADMATIC Hull
  • Sharing of piping data between PIAS and CADMATIC Outfitting

On 16th of October CADMATIC, Conoship and SARC led an Industry Partner Introduction Meeting at SARC in Bussum, the Netherlands. Various users of CADMATIC and PIAS software showed their interest and discussed the planned developments in the CPDES project.

If you are interested to receive more information about CPDES, please contact one of the following people: Herbert Koelman (SARC), h.j.koelman@sarc.nl, Guus van der Bles (Conoship), guus@conoship.nl or Geert Tepper (CADMATIC), geert.tepper@cadmatic.com.