Sweco Oy - From a graduation thesis position to a dream job

Circuit diagram design requires a lot from the software

From a graduation thesis position to a dream job

Sweco designs cities of the future and a more sustainable society. The results of this work are healthy and safe buildings, efficient infrastructure and sustainable water supply solutions. Sweco serves its customers in the fields of construction technology, building engineering, industry and environmental and civil engineering, and also offers project management, construction services, architectural design and expert services. In total, 2,000 of Sweco’s 15,000 employees work in Finland.

When a polytechnic student Pentti Suoniemi began his summer job in 2016 at Sweco in Tampere, he had no idea how quickly things would eventually proceed. Next summer he completed his thesis at Sweco on circuit diagram design and now, in early summer of 2018, he is the CADMATIC Electrical superuser at his workplace, helping other users to design more easily and efficiently.

How did this happen? “I guess I have found my place”, says Suoniemi. “My own interests have played a role – for example, I am quite familiar with how CADMATIC Electrical databases work. I want to understand how drawings and databases interact, and how to automate as many functions as possible. Design is a lot more meaningful when there is less routine.”

Suoniemi’s thesis subject, circuit diagram design, is a challenging area of design that also requires a lot from the tools used. “CADMATIC Electrical is an excellent tool for that purpose. For example, in cross-references, it beats the most common CAD programs in the market, hands down”, Suoniemi says.

Suoniemi says that his expertise on CADMATIC Electrical databases was one of the reasons he found himself in the superuser role. “I have helped other users to generate drawings from the CADMATIC Electrical's database, among other things. I give advice and search for solutions and have dialogues with designers and software technical support. This job is interesting and rewarding”, Pentti Suoniemi concludes. And in my own job, I wish for more responsibility as I gain more experience. I am in my dream job”, Suoniemi summarises.

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