Efficient tools also are indispensable for strong result.

Efficient tools also are indispensable for strong result

Pinja (fomer Protacon Group) is a leading operator in the field of selected industrial software products and an important partner in the development of industrial system solutions and digital business. Pinja employs some 500 people in Finland, serving leading industrial and business clients and international organisations in 30 different countries.

Rapidly growing multi-sector design group of companies, Pinja has used CADMATIC Electrical in construction electrical design since the beginning of 2000. A few years ago the company started to use CADS Electric also for industrial electrical and automation design. Two factors were the reason for this decision. “First, we already had great experience with CADMATIC Electrical. Second, we wanted to standardise our design system to ensure compatibility with our customers’ environments”, says Kari Pellinen.

Boy and girl in front of the electrical cabinet

Pinja with its workforce of several hundred designers offers high-level expert services for the customers of selected sectors both in Finland and abroad. The guiding principles of the company’s operation are growth, innovation and being one step ahead of its competitors. The development of know-how is the crucial part of innovation. “We train new CADMATIC Electrical specialists constantly, from whence also our CADMATIC Electrical using customers benefit. CADMATIC Electrical is a part of Pinja, and it will continue to have a significant role in our company also in the future”, Kari Pellinen concludes.