Merko Ehitus uses CADMATIC Electrical in Tallinn Pelgulinn State Gymnasium Project

Construction company uses CADMATIC Electrical for electrical design of largest wooden structure in Estonia.  

Project challenges

  • Integrate electrical systems in a large wooden building, which requires careful planning and execution.
  • Work with initial design developed by another company – deal with imperfections and inconsistencies in the 3D model.
  • Need to conceal wiring and ensure compliance with safety standards in a wooden structure.

Cadmatic solution

  • Detailed 3D modeling of electrical systems without compromising the structural integrity and aesthetics of the wooden architecture.
  • CADMATIC Electrical allowed redesign of electrical system from scratch to make necessary adjustments and improvements within budget constraints.
  • CADMATIC Electrical's detailed modeling capabilities helped in planning concealed cable channels efficiently

“CADMATIC Electrical’s tools allowed us to navigate the complexities of this unique structure, enabling a design that was both invisible and efficient.” – Stanislav Ismaildžanov, Lead Electrical Systems Designer

AS Merko Ehitus Eesti (Merko Ehitus) has cemented its reputation through the innovative use of CADMATIC Electrical in complex constructions, most notably in the Tallinn Pelgulinn State Gymnasium. The project posed unique challenges, integrating advanced electrical systems into Estonia's largest wooden structure. Stanislav Ismaildžanov, the lead Electrical Systems Designer at Merko Ehitus, spearheaded the meticulous integration of functionality and aesthetics in this landmark project.

AS Merko Ehitus Eesti is part of the Merko Ehitus Group of companies with operations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway. It employs approximately 700 employees and in 2023, the group turnover amounted to €466 million.

The Tallinn Pelgulinn State Gymnasium, covering 10,000 sq/m, required a sensitive approach to preserve its wooden architecture while embedding modern electrical systems. The four-story educational facility features expansive outdoor activity spaces, a municipal park adorned with various trees and shrubs, pathways for pedestrians, and parking areas for bicycles and cars.

The Tallinn Pelgulinn State Gymnasium

Image ©Tiit Veermäe

Skyon building at night

Technical Specifications

  • Enclosed net area: 8273.0 m²
  • Volume: 42475.3 m³
  • Number of floors: 4
  • Height: 15.9 m
  • Length: 87.2 m
  • Width: 87.2 m
  • Energy class: A

The structure prominently utilizes wood, incorporating numerous structural components and finishing layers crafted from cross-laminated timber. Timber sun shields have been mounted on the exterior walls, designed both to protect against sunlight and to confer a distinctive aesthetic to the architecture of the building.

“The challenge was twofold: ensuring safety and maintaining the integrity of the wooden structure, which demanded a high degree of precision and innovation from our team,” Stanislav notes.
3D model

Electrical systems in BIM model (LV & ELV)

Extensive use of CADMATIC Electrical – innovation and solutions

CADMATIC Electrical was utilized extensively to design the high-voltage elements, grounding, and lightning protection systems. Over 1000 hours were dedicated to crafting a design that seamlessly integrated into the wooden architecture without compromising on functionality or safety.

“CADMATIC Electrical’s tools allowed us to navigate the complexities of this unique structure, enabling a design that was both invisible and efficient," says Stanislav.

The project required innovative solutions, such as concealed cable channels and a detailed lightning protection system tailored for the wooden structure. The use of CADMATIC Electrical allowed for precise 3D modeling and simulation of electrical systems before actual implementation.

“Every cable route and fixture had to be planned with both safety and aesthetics in mind. Cadmatic was instrumental in allowing us to visualize and tweak our plans in real-time,” Stanislav elaborates.
Cable route visualization

Wiring plan

Pelgulinn project a career highlight

The successful completion of the electrical design for the Tallinn Pelgulinn State Gymnasium not only ensured the safety and functionality of the building but also preserved and accentuated its architectural beauty. The project stands as a testament to Merko Ehitus's commitment to quality and innovation, showcasing the pivotal role of CADMATIC Electrical in achieving these goals.

"Working on the Pelgulinn State Gymnasium was a career highlight due to its complexity and the innovative approach required. CADMATIC Electrical was more than just a tool; it was a partner in design," Stanislav reflects

He adds that the project pushed him and his team to their limits and set new benchmarks in electrical design for wooden structures. Stanislav highly recommends CADMATIC Electrical to any professional seeking to elevate their electrical design projects, especially those involving complex architectural environments.

"CADMATIC Electrical has proved indispensable in realizing our vision for the Pelgulinn Gymnasium, seamlessly integrating complex systems into an aesthetically challenging environment."
Cable route visualization

Cable routing plan