Melior Projekt OÜ - BIM created a significant added value for the construction contractor in the Noblessner project

Electrical's product models enhance electrical design.

BIM created a significant added value for the construction contractor in the Noblessner development project

The Noblessner Home is an exciting project because, in addition to clash detection, the BIM models were created also on the assumption of the client’s and the constructor’s needs for information management. The information model was used for the calculation of the volumes of construction work, procurement arrangements, work planning, as well as the creation of a 4D graph, budget and visualizations. The basis of all this was a condition that each element of the information model, created in the stage of working design had to contain comprehensive product and technical information in addition to 3D geometry.

Since there were more than 200 luxury apartments as well as commercial spaces in different buildings, the intention of the client was to offer the new owners a solution with the best quality, and for ensuring this, such electric fixtures as socket outlets, switches, lighting equipment for common areas, etc. were purchased themselves, so that the installers only had to install the equipment. In order to enable the client and the main contractor to take information directly from the model, the model had rooms, apartments and other zones of common areas defined. When the electrical designer, in their turn, had added various final elements to the consolidated model by the use of CADMATIC Electrical, already complete reports, based on the area, apartments and rooms were received with Solibri Model Checker software. The number of exclusive and ordinary socket outlets, switches and other fixtures by apartments and rooms was shown in the reports. In this paperless way it was possible to manage efficiently the construction volumes, procurements, the budget and also the changes requested by the end users, and the associated expenses.

3D Building model

The electrical design for Noblessner was developed by Melior Projekt OÜ, an electrical design company with extensive BIM experience. The company with BIM design experience since 2009 has already a long-time experience in educating the clients about the opportunities of BIM and this, in its turn, has ensured a continuous workflow and loyal clients.

According to Dmitri Gridin, the owner of Melior Projekt OÜ and its electrical designer, over the years they have kept up with the new opportunities of CADMATIC Electrical and adjusted their work processes in accordance with those added functionalities for higher flexibility and efficiency. The product information and technical information of the equipment, which played an important role in the Noblessner project, were managed by means of the product models and supplementary information management functionality in Electrical. Over the years, comprehensive collections of product models have been created, which can be reapplied in new projects, but Gridin recognises, however, that lighting equipment, for instance, is often redefined because the time a model is in production is very short. Supplementary information on product models is added by means of supplementary information packages because this is the fastest way to do it

According to Kristjan Müül, the Sales Executive of CADMATIC, it is important to stress in connection with supplementary information that the users of CADMATIC Electrical can add unlimited supplementary information to the product models or other elements of the electrical model. In the case the client wishes to see very specific information in the model elements, the user can define it on one's own in CADMATIC Electrical, using supplementary information definition. In addition to the information model, supplementary information can also be used in CADMATIC Electrical reports and, if necessary, in 2D drawings.

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