Melior Projekt OÜ - Elemental Skanste is the best building meeting the BREEAM criteria across the Baltic States

The BIM model of the building contains all the essential components of the electrical system.

The office complex Elemental Skanste in Riga is the best building, meeting the BREEAM criteria across the Baltic States

The office complex Elemental Skanste in Riga achieved the best BREEAM building title throughout the Baltic States thanks to the competence of the developer, Kapitel Group at setting the terms of reference of the project and an active role in the design process. In addition to adhering to the BREEAM standards, the design process also followed the BIM requirements of MERKO, the biggest construction company in the Baltic States.

Electrical design bureau Melior Projekt OÜ who uses CADMATIC Electrical also made its contribution to that achievement. According to Dimitri Gridin, the Skanste’s project manager of Melior Projekt their company designed the electrical and the low current systems of the building, lighting solution and automation of the building. Dimitri Gridin said that the glazed façade and a great deal of glass internal walls made the BIM model of the building an essential link for the feasibility of the pre-construction check.

The BIM model of the building contained all the essential components of the electrical system, including alarm system devices, cameras, presence and smoke detectors, luminaires, switches, plug sockets, floor conduits and other parts of systems. The product and technical information of equipment was managed with the CADMATIC Electrical product model functionality that enabled to export a thorough technical specification in addition to correct 3D models to the BIM model.

3D model of the building

Dimitri Gridin told that due to the dynamism of the product model functionality, it was easy to update the 3D models and the technical specification of the equipment in the whole project, and doing so there was no reason to worry that something was not updated in the design documentation.

The BIM model gives a better overview for building and cost estimation. The model is also easily usable in different simulations, which the mentioned project included dozens. Dmitri Gridin emphasizes that it is always important to respond in real time if there is a discord with other systems since it is much less comfortable and less cost effective to make weekly changes based on BCF reports.

3D model of the building

Ülari Mõttus, the BIM coordinator of the Elemental Skanste project from the company IC Project Management OÜ characterized the electrical model as a very component-rich and comprehensive. He also remarked that the models’ information was very thorough that ensured a good overview of the function and technical features of each component. In summary Ülari Mõttus said that the electrical designers performed excellent work.

3D model of the building

Background for Elemental Skanste

The energy efficient class A office buildings that are designed in BIM environment according to the BREEAM standards form the development project of Elemental Skanste. In the first stage two 10-storey office buildings with 20,500 m² of office space and an underground car park with 370 places will be ready by 2020. The whole development project consists of five office buildings with the total area of 41,400 m² and parking places for 1,900 vehicles.

The architectural solution of the building was designed by the architectural office PLUSS in cooperation with the Latvian partner SIA Birojs T22. The electrical and low current solutions were designed by Melior Projekt in cooperation with the Latvian partner SIA "A.Ābeles inženieru birojs”.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method) is an environmental assessment method with prescribed criteria for assessment of the building’s properties, design, construction and use. The measurements are performed on the basis of different categories and criteria, starting from energy to ecology. The results are related to energy, water use, indoor environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes.

Volume of model components in the electrical model of Elemental Skanste:


Cable Carrier

Cable Carrier Fitting

Distribution Element

Electric Appliance

Light Fixture




Switching Device





Electrical appliance

Light fixture

Audiovisual outlet

Data outlet