ITK Inseneribüroo - Tallinn's prison

Effective database features for electrical design.

The electrical design of the Tallinn's prison was made with CADMATIC Electrical

Tallinn prison is being built near Tallinn and it is the latest modern prison under construction. The construction work will be completed by the end of 2018. The new prison with its 61000m² net area and 14-storey, has 1200 prison facilities. Its construction cost is nearly 74 million euros. There are now 2 700 prisoners and when the Tallinn Prison is completed, there are a total of 3 200 prison places.

When designing large systems and complex targets accurately and individually, CADMATIC Electrical is an effective tool. The electrical design of the Tallinn Prison, carried out by ITK Inseneribüroo, is a good example of a project where the database features in version 17 of CADMATIC Electrical were essential to make IT design planning easy and efficient.

Lauri Vaaks, electrical engineer and experienced CADMATIC Electrical user at ITK Inseneeribüroo, used exact system requirements as an example of data processing. Technically described hardware reports, complete with lists of cables and their connections, are required also for standard solutions for each location. In the cable list, for example, the cables’ connection data had to include the following at both ends: building, floor, room, device ID, device description, and also the system, notes, cable markings, cable type or other similar details. So you can only imagine the amount of work if all this had to be done manually. There were 14 buildings of up to six floors, with a total of almost one thousand rooms, and tens of thousands of pieces of hardware and cables. When the rooms have been defined in CADMATIC Electrical or an architectural model has been imported, CADMATIC Electrical will create the cable connection tables or similar reports automatically on the basis of the installation drawings and database information,” says Salex Executive Kristjan Müül from CADMATIC.

Thanks to the product model feature, the hardware’s technical descriptions, system markings and drawings are always up to date. The hardware identifiers were defined with the CADMATIC Electrical consecutive identifier function, and frequent change requests were easy to respond to through the database’s Excel interface. Lauri Vaaks says that he was mostly using the CADMATIC Electrical database and Excel sheets linked to it. His colleagues made the drawings. Working in a spreadsheet gives a good overview, and it is easy to manage the entire project’s hardware identifiers and system markings. It is also easy to re-number all the hardware. The database and Excel interface also makes it easy to define a large amount of supplementary information for hardware. The Excel functions and formulas make it a very important electrical design tool.

Lauri Vaaks says that the standard solution of CADMATIC Electrical cannot provide a 100 per cent solution, because the magnetic locks, for example, were exactly between two rooms, and to solve the problem, the symbol entry point had to be defined with a small deviation in relation to the desired room.

That is, you have to know what the program is capable of and how the software is structured, and use it skillfully to your benefit.

ITK Inseneribüroo is one of Estonia's largest electrical design companies, with a staff of about 15 experts. They have been using CADMATIC Electrical very efficiently for about a decade. They have long experience in the electrical design of various type of buildings, automation systems, electrical grids, street lighting and ship, both within Estonia and abroad.