Elektrilevi OÜ - Draw helped standardise the network diagram documentation

The biggest Estonian network operator selected Draw software as its software solution for preparing its network diagrams.

Introduction of CADMATIC Draw helped standardise the network diagram documentation of Estonian network operator Elektrilevi

Eletrilevi OÜ is the biggest Estonian network operator that transmits electricity from the power grid facilities to homes and companies. The company maintains approx. 61,000 km of power lines and over 24,000 substations. Elektrilevi also manages street lighting network in Tallinn and Tartu and is starting to build the fast Internet network across Estonia. The company has approx. 500,000 contractual customers and 730 employees. Elektrilevi belongs to Eesti Energia Group that also uses CADMATIC Electrical software.

After the one and a half year selection process of CAD software solution, the biggest Estonian network operator Elektrilevi selected CADMATIC Draw software as its software solution for preparing its network diagrams in 2012. Now, years later, it is good to look back and describe how the use of CADMATIC Draw has improved the quality of the network diagram documentation of Elektrilevi.

According to the asset management sector manager of Elektrilevi, Taavi Janno, introduction of CADMATIC Draw was a very valuable step for the company like Elektrilevi who manages large asset volume – it helped introduce unified drawing standards and forms. Drawing forms, symbols, standard schemes, layers, line types, fonts and other were standardised with CADMATIC Draw application. CADMATIC Draw's symbol libraries and standard schemes are managed centrally in the technical preparation department that ensures uniform style of schemes and it is easy to enter updates. Taavi Janno emphasised that hence there are no historic regional differences of scheme sheets.

"CADMATIC Draw's pricing policy enabled to introduce CAD software in the whole company,“ noted Taavi Janno. All users can view and change the scheme sheets in original format and there is no need for redrawing in a separate department. All network construction contractors-partners like Leonhard Weiss Energy AS, Empower AS, Connecto Eesti AS and tens of other companies use Elektrilevi’s application in CADMATIC Draw software. Thanks to the uniform software solution, also the documents of the partner companies comply automatically with requirements of Elektrilevi.

According to the Kristjan Müül, Sales Executive of CADMATIC, cooperation with Elektrilevi is a good example of wide-range selection of services provided by CADMATIC. We provide standard CAD tool on which we can develop the superstructures desired by the customer. We provide training sessions and consultation for using the software efficiently and, if needed, solve the technical support issues. It is also worth mentioning that CADMATIC Draw is an independent software solution that enables us provide the end user with best in the market license terms independent of the third parties, most cost-effective price as well as adjustments and updates according to the end users additional wishes over the time.