Borås Elkonsult - Together with the client

We are doing design electrical technic, lightning, tele- and safetysystems. Electrical is ideal for all these.

Together with the client – together with CADMATIC Electrical

Tobias Lindén from Borås Elkonsult is satisfied. He has found an efficient way to develop electrical design methods with his clients. ”We have no plan for growing rapidly, or even at all for the moment – we just want to cooperate with the clients, as partners, with a learning process”, says Lindén.

”CADMATIC Electrical is just the right tool for this purpose”, Lindén points out. ”We are doing design electrical technic, lightning, tele- and safetysystems. CADMATIC Electrical is ideal for all these.”

Lindén tells, that their company of four design specialists has tried other software also, but with no success. ”The pricing for instance”, says Lindén. ”No reason to pay every year a new fee, if you don’t need the new features. Besides, CADMATIC Electrical is an agile and flexible tool as it is.”

Lindén has a smile on his face when he’s telling this: ”We really like doing design with CADMATIC Electrical. It has 2D- and 3D-design in the same handy package. Clever and easy. We have already replaced two stand-alone programs with functions that are built-into the software. One is for 3D-modeling and the other one for sheets handling.”

Tobias Lindén

CADMATIC Electrical has already proven its efficiency with projects of various sizes. ”Next autumn we will start a really big project with an apartment constructor. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m quite excited”, confesses Tobias Lindén.