Electrical contractors

CADMATIC Electrical is the safest and most efficient choice for the different CAD needs of electrical contracting. It includes easy-to-use tools for as-built documentation, design and quantity calculation.

CADMATIC Electrical covers all parts of electrical drawings (installation drawings, circuit schemas and centre schemas). Create all of your own electrical documents with one single efficient and easy-to-use product!

If your sites and documentation needs are small, we can offer you an easy-to-use design tool (CADMATIC Electrical Basic). As your needs and requirements grow, we can upgrade you to the higher level affordably. You only pay the difference; there is no need for wasted investments!

Final workshop drawings effortlessly

CADMATIC Electrical has extensive symbol libraries and easy-to-use functions to create or design final workshop drawings. There are plenty of auxiliary functions for placing symbols easily and accurately. In addition to CAD drawings, you can also use images scanned in the right scale or PDF files as reference drawings in CADMATIC Electrical

Swift and accurate quantity calculations

CADMATIC Electrical has versatile quantity calculation features that allow you to significantly reduce the working hours on your contract sites:

  • Quantity calculations based on drawings from different CAD programs
  • Quantity calculations based on IFC data models

With the versatile settings, you can easily define the content of quantity calculations based on your needs, such as according to the spaces, areas, IP classes, item codes or IDs or the user’s own attributes. You can also use other than CADMATIC Electrical drawings to generate lists.

A safe choice

Choosing CADMATIC Electrical as the CAD tool for your contracting company is a decision that will take you far. There is a skillful and stable company behind the software, which guarantees that the product will continue to develop in the future.

  • The software is developed in close cooperation with actors in electrical and automation engineering.
  • CADMATIC is the absolute pioneer in electrical and automation engineering. Among other things, it actively works for standardising the CAD design operating models in the field.
  • IFC import and export also makes working with data model projects (BIM) possible.
  • We have more than 30 years of understanding and experience of the CAD needs of electrical professionals.
  • As an independent company, we can react quickly, develop the software continuously and provide genuine service.

Extendable based on your needs

You can scale your software purchases to match your needs and upgrade the software level later. You only pay the difference! A clear and cost-efficient growth path.