Circuit schemas

You can use the design data already created in the project for circuit schemas, or you can use design data produced elsewhere for the same purpose. When you start designing circuit schemas, you can use all of the devices and cables already created for the project. You can also generate circuit schemas by circuit from the database or an Excel file.

With centralised data management, you can use the design data already created for the project. For example, when you start designing circuit schemas, you can use all of the devices and cables already created for the project. You can also import existing information from Excel.

Versatile drawing and editing functions and intelligent symbol placement, removal, transfer and copying functions make designing circuit schemas sensible, flawless and fast. Real-time references and ID management make the everyday work of designers easier. The software offers you the freedom to use different presentation styles, such as single-/multiple-line formats.

Excel as CADMATIC Electrical’s partner

Generating model circuit schemas allows you to create CAD drawings quickly based on reference drawings and Excel files received from the customer, for example. You can also make mass edits conveniently using Excel, and you can import initial data for project design from Excel to CADMATIC Electrical and export design data from CADMATIC Electrical to Excel with the smart import/export function.

Product models and product databases

Product models allow you to manage the project’s devices, their symbols in different applications, product information, size information, technical information, pins, plates and other additional information. The project’s product models can also be used via the project tree. You can easily find the occurrences of all product models placed in the project and their real-time quantities in the whole project via the project tree.

Placing a product model in the project makes all information and graphics related to the product available to the project. Product models make tasks such as using and editing the project's devices easier; by changing the product model, you can edit the information related to the devices throughout the whole project. Faster editing with better quality.

Reports and lists

You can generate various schemas and lists automatically from the CADMATIC Electrical schemas or database (such as connection drawings for cables, wires or terminal strips, as well as device, cable and equipment identification plate lists). The reports can be generated directly into the CADMATIC Electrical drawing files, or Excel or PDF files.

You can specify the information to be included in the finished list, and you can use the reporting tool to group and filter project information as needed. You can create your own report templates or use the ones provided by the software. Multilingualism and open interfaces make integration into other information systems possible, in addition to versatile design data reporting.