BIM and 3D

You can use certified data model software to design in 2D/3D. You can use the IFC models of the other participants in the design process. Ensure quality in design with real-time collision detection. Specify unlimited additional information that you can transfer to the other parties in the project through data models.

In CADMATIC Electrical, you can generate data models according to the standard based on your electrical design. You can also use the data models of other participants in the design process as a basis for your own design or in checking a combination model. You can use the 2D or the 3D view for design, whichever you like best. The software ensures that the required data is created in the data model. CADMATIC Electrical is one of the pioneers of BIM on an international scale.


Certified BIM data transfer (IFC)

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can create a certified IFC electrical model efficiently. The software includes import and export functions for data models in IFC format. The export functions of CADMATIC Electrical are internationally IFC certified.

Thanks to the two-way IFC data transfer features, you can import data models from different fields (architect, structure, HVAC, electricity) into the CADMATIC Electrical software, for example, and use them to create combination models. You can also use other designers’ models as a basis for your own design and take advantage of features such as real-time collision detection or the innovative elevation management.

BIM means cooperation

In CADMATIC Electrical, you can use the IFC models of the other participants in the design process – you will not design blind! CADMATIC Electrical always states the elevations in the 3D models designed by the other parties, which saves you from measuring the drawings needlessly. Versatile elevation management and specification functions that make working in 3D easier are available to you.

  • Real-time collision detection in drawing cable raceways – prevent collisions in advance!
  • The fastest collision detection on the market directly in CADMATIC Electrical; the collision conditions and tolerances in collision detection can be specified by the customer.
  • BCF import/export – communication and error reporting tool with other design software
  • Spaces can be imported from the architectural model or defined in CADMATIC Electrical. Use the data in data models, reports and other programs (e.g. Solibri Model Checker, Navisworks, DIALux...)

Product model technology 

Manage the project’s devices and their 3D or space reservation models, drawing symbols, project information, elevations, technical information etc. additional information with dynamic product model technology. 

Ready-made product model libraries and product databases make your design more efficient. Use 3D models from CADMATIC Electrical product libraries or symbol menus, or download DWG/DXF/IFC 3D models from the Internet. You can also mass import product or technical information with Excel files or from the DIALux lighting calculation program. You can react to the developers’ demands easily and define unlimited additional data for product models, either as product model-based data or with area boundaries. The information is also transferred to the BIM model and the reports.

CADMATIC Electrical and BIM

As the developer of CADMATIC Electrical software, we are closely involved in developing data model design into an effective and open operating model for projects. We are involved in the activities of buildingSMART that coordinates development, we promote the cause of 3D product libraries in the electrical organization and device supplier sector, and we also cooperate with other software houses. One example of our cooperation is the Tekla Structures structural design software, where hole reservations created with CADMATIC Electrical can be imported in IFC format to be commented by the structural designer. CADMATIC is a part of the international Open BIM group committed to developing BIM based on the principle of openness.

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Clash detection Real-time clash detection
Height management Product models
Editing product models Importing spaces from IFC-file
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