Our values

The values that guide our everyday interactions with colleagues, customers and society at large are: Succeeding together, Continuously improving, Delighting customers, and We make it come true! 

These are more than just words, they are the foundations whereby we create a workplace that employees love and where we consistently deliver the goods, for us and our customers. 

Succeeding together

Power of the collective 

At CADMATIC we put our faith in the power of the collective. No one of us is perfect. There are always moments when we are stuck and need help to move forward. And that’s what we are here for.

Power in diversity

We love the diversity we have at CADMATIC, because we think it promotes innovation, understanding, and an environment where we take care of each other.

Delighting customers 

Mutual growth

We know our products help our customers to be successful, and their success feeds our success. We grow together.

Innovation inspiration

CADMATIC provides solutions that make innovation easy. We don’t want to meet our customer’s expectations; we want to exceed them! That’s the difference between satisfaction and delight.

Continuously improving 

No limits

To develop the competitiveness of CADMATIC, we encourage our employees to improve their skills on an individual and company level.

Always learning

Never be afraid to try out new ideas – if they work then great! If not, fail fast, learn, and improve.

We make it come true

Prepare for the future

At CADMATIC, we want to help change the world for the better. Our products encourage our customers to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Power in our own hands

We aim to prepare our company and employees for the future by focusing on opportunities and strengths and approaching challenges positively.