Summer jobs 2024

We are looking for motivated and talented people like you to join our R&D teams in Finland during the summer!

Summer jobs in R&D

In our R&D Team, you will be responsible for helping to develop one of our product areas and get involved solving real problems right away. The job locations are in Finland Turku, Tampere and Kotka. We also offer the possibility to work from home in Finland.

R&D Team applicants should have experience in any programming language, be able to handle daily communication in English and have a keen interest in coding. If you have studied computer science, mathematics or similar, have completed at least two years of your studies, and feel that a future in developing cutting-edge software is your goal, then we’d like to talk to you.

Apply for a summer job as a Software Developer

Who we are

We are a leading global developer of digital and intelligent 3D-based design, engineering solutions, and information data management software solutions for the marine, process, and construction industries. With Cadmatic software solutions, our customers design, construct, and operate cool end products, like the world's biggest water treatment plants, solar power plants and hospitals. With our applications, the marine industry can build ships and vessels that operate with greener technologies.

Our story began in the 1980s, and today we have over 330 proactive, engaged, and growth-minded people in 16 countries around the world. Over 6000 customers use our software solutions in 60 countries, and we are just getting started. We are making it come true!

Check out selected career stories. This could be you!

Antti Paavola – Problem solver meets summer job

Antti Paavola joined Cadmatic’s Electrical & Automation team in Kotka for the summer of 2022 after completing his application and sitting for an interview and a programming test

“At Cadmatic I have had the chance to solve challenging problems. I could not have asked for more from a summer job.”

Read Antti's story here.

Jonne Myöhänen – Summer trainee and aspirant programmer

Jonne Myöhänen ended up at Cadmatic as a summer trainee for the summer of 2022 after putting in an online application to work in product development.

“I was surprised how friendly and helpful everyone here is.”

Read Jonne's story here

Elina Mielismäki – Maths and software development a perfect match

Elina's career story at Cadmatic starts with a chance summer job application in 2017, which led to part-time work and identifying a topic for her thesis, and later, to a full-time job in software engineering.

“My team and my manager were interested in what I was doing. If I found a problem that needed a bit more thinking, I always got support from them.”

Read Elina's story here.

Jasse Nousiainen – Summer trainee with an eye for graphics and web environments

Jasse Nousiainen joined Cadmatic as a summer trainee during the summer of 2021. His interest in computer graphics and background in web development made him a perfect match for the job.

"I expected simple programming tasks but was given quite an advanced and challenging project from the start”

Read Jasse's story here.

Timo Heinonen – Computer science meets 3D graphics

Timo Heinonen interviewed for a summer job at Cadmatic in 2017. His skills and interests secured him a traineeship as a junior C/C++ CAD developer at the Cadmatic Turku office.

“By the end of the summer, I had definitely learned more about software development than during my three years of studies, and my programming skills had skyrocketed.”

Read Timo's story here.

Mats Granholm – Electrical engineering graduate turns software engineer

Mats came across Cadmatic by chance at a job fair in 2017. As fate would have it, Mats had switched much of the electrical part of his degree to computer science/engineering towards the end of his studies, making him a good match for Cadmatic.

“I enjoy learning new things and broadening my perspective, and at Cadmatic I get to do that.”

Read Mats' story here.