Jonne Myöhänen

Summer trainee and aspirant programmer

“I was surprised how friendly and helpful everyone here is.”

Jonne Myöhänen ended up at Cadmatic as a summer trainee for the summer of 2022 after putting in an on-line application to work in product development. He was motivated to find a summer job where he could develop his programming skills. During the summer, has been doing software development for Cadmatic’s plant design application.

“My biggest task has been doing research on automated user interface testing solutions and implementing one of the solutions.” 

Jonne says that the scale and complexity of the projects came as a surprise, but that he got the hang of it quite quickly. He adds that school gave him programming basics, but at Cadmatic he got to learn about actual software development.

“School courses cannot really replicate professional software development. In school, I may get two hours’ personal assistance per programming course, and even then, it’s from another student. Here at Cadmatic I get to work with senior developers every day, so the rate of learning is incomparable really.”

When asked about the most beneficial aspect of the experience, Jonne highlights the privilege of working with professionals.

“I’ve learnt so much about coding conventions and the general thought processes behind different solutions. Also, I feel like my perspective on approaching different technical problems has improved.”

In his free time, Jonne works out at the gym, plays the piano, watches and rates movies, and plays video games.

Jonne Myöhänen

Jonne Myöhänen

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