Antti Paavola

Problem solver meets summer job

“At Cadmatic I have had the chance to solve challenging problems. I could not have asked for more from a summer job.”

Antti Paavola joined Cadmatic’s Electrical & Automation team in Kotka for the summer of 2022 after completing his application and sitting for an interview and a programming test

During the orientation period, he was given a few small bugs to fix but quickly moved on to larger modernization projects once the source code became more familiar.

“I was given a larger project to modernise the creation of custom wiring diagram symbols in the Electrical Schematics application. I have also participated in normal day to day development of the electrical applications and have made some smaller improvements and fixes to the software,” says Antti. 

Antti says it was easy to fit into the team and that he has benefited much from the experience.

“There is always someone eager to help me if needed. Overall, the experience has been very positive as the environment has been very relaxed and the tasks have been interesting and challenging. I would recommend this summer job to every student in my field of study.”

He adds that the traineeship has shown him what it is like to work in a professional development team and that he has what it takes to work as a developer. Antti loves solving problems programmatically, which is the main reason he has chosen to pursue a career as software developer. He says that the summer traineeship gave him the opportunity to do exactly this.

In his free time, Antti enjoys hiking especially in the autumn and winter. In summer, a big part of his free time is spent at local football club games.

Antti Paavola loves hiking in his free time. 

Antti Paavola loves hiking in his free time. 

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