Verónica Alonso de los Ríos

“I really like using my academic background in my work and being in contact with people. This is why I enjoy working in business development and in the marine industry.”

Who is Verónica Alonso de los Ríos?

I think I have two facets to my personality: the first is more analytical, the other more artistic.

I studied at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and have a master’s degree in naval architecture and marine oceanic engineering. Since I was a child, I liked the sea, ships and sailing. My father is also a naval architect. I enjoyed watching him working in a high-tech company related to shipbuilding. He travelled a lot around the world, which inspired me greatly in my childhood. Also, my mother, warm-blooded about the sea, influenced me too. I am passionate about painting, which gives me another perspective in life.

I have always worked in the world of software technology and shipbuilding. I started my career in 2001 at Navantia shipyard in Cartagena. After that, I worked in different companies all related to software in the marine industry, such as simulation (FEM tools) and design (CAD systems).

I am an outgoing person. I like to take on challenges and learn new things. I have always worked in business and marketing, and I really like to be in sales, even though I am an engineer.

I have a beautiful family, with three children that are 8, 9 and 10 years old. This is the most important part of my life and all our family members work as a team.

When and how did you end up at Cadmatic?

In 2018, I was looking for new opportunities. While searching for different possibilities in the shipbuilding industry, I considered Cadmatic and heard that the company was doing very well. I had a contact in Cadmatic, Henk Kramer, whom I had met at shipbuilding events in the US and Canada. I contacted him and he encouraged me to join the company. He introduced me to Cadmatic and I really appreciated his help. After the job interview, I was accepted and we decided to open an office in Madrid. I am very happy that I joined Cadmatic.

As a senior sales manager, what are your most important tasks?

For the marine business in Spain and France, I am responsible for communicating with potential customers, shipyards and design offices and understanding what is going on in the market. I visit shipyards and design offices and promote Cadmatic in these countries with Jan. I also collaborate with Henk Kramer, who is responsible for sales in the US, Canada and UK, and with Juan Prieto, who is responsible for Norway, Denmark and South America. I appreciate having the opportunity to work with Cadmatic colleagues in a collaborative atmosphere.

I am also currently collaborating in the development of Cadmatic’s data-driven shipbuilding concept and functions. This will offer huge opportunities for our customers to improve quality in shipbuilding by minimizing manual data handling during the whole process. Cadmatic software offers highly automated data handling from initial design to detail design, procurement and production. Additionally, we are able to integrate that efficiently with other data management tools, such as PDM and ERP; typically material management, document management, and change management functionalities. I am involved in some marketing activities too, such as new brochures, which is great since it allows me to develop my creative and artistic side.

Which company value influences you most?

Continuous improvement is the most relevant value for me. Succeeding together is also important. All my colleagues are customer-oriented, which brings good results. I really want to emphasize that Cadmatic is an open, international and equal company for me as a woman. I see differences between Cadmatic and other companies in this regard.

Which part of your work do you like most?

I really like using my academic background in my work and being in contact with people. This is why I enjoy working in business development and in the marine industry. I enjoy travelling and working with a high-tech company and with a great team. It is good for me to improve continuously. I am where I want to be.

PS: Since this article was published, Verónica has started a new position as Senior Sales Manager at Cadmatic.

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