Ștefan Evanghelides

Sports, technology, and software engineering

“As a working student, it was important for me to complete my studies. CADMATIC offered me a flexible part-time contract that allowed me to avoid conflicts between my university and work schedule.”

Ștefan Evanghelides crossed paths with CADMATIC for the first time when searching for work after completing his bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (graduation pictured above). His idea was to work part-time while completing his master’s degree. CADMATIC seemed a good fit so he decided to apply. It turns out the feeling was mutual: After the interview and skills test, he was offered a job!

“CADMATIC surpassed my expectations. They were friendly and open and very understanding about how I needed to prioritise my studies.”

Packed technology stack

Ștefan is currently employed as a part-time software engineer. He hopes to start working full-time as soon as he has completed his master’s degree, which he says will be soon. His responsibilities involve designing and developing new features, debugging and reviewing code, testing features, and writing automated test scenarios.

Ștefan says he had learnt a lot since joining the company. At university, his projects generally involved 3-4 different technologies, while at CADMATIC there are at least 10 such integrated tools and technologies.

“Initially, the learning curve was quite steep. I had to get to grips with the impressive technology stack and CADMATIC Hull software. The team was very helpful though and eager to show me what I needed to know to work effectively.”

Apart from the new technologies, Ștefan says that he learnt a lot about teamwork and applying the notions he studied at university in the real world.

“I get to apply my knowledge to make software that is fault tolerant and easy to maintain. Because everybody has a unique way of programming, I also learnt the importance of adhering to internal code conventions to make overall development more efficient.”

A love for technology – both new and old

Ștefan describes himself as a technology enthusiast. He likes learning about new technologies but is also interested in how technologies have evolved over time. At CADMATIC, he gets to see code that has been shaped over three decades.

“CADMATIC development started in the mid-80s and some technologies, programming languages, and even design choices date way back. It is nice to hear about the history of the company and the reasoning behind decisions that were taken 20-30 years ago, and then to see this reflected in the code. It is nevertheless ingrained in us to make sure we always try to improve the code. We use the motto “leave code better than when you found it.

Ștefan says one of the best parts of his job is receiving positive feedback from clients, which motivates him to continue working hard.

In his free time, Ștefan enjoys sports like tennis and swimming and goes to the gym regularly. In winter, he loves skiing. He also enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures. He is currently learning Dutch, which will add to an impressive number of languages he speaks: Romanian (mother tongue), French, and English. He plans to add Italian and Spanish to this list in the next 3-5 years. 

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