Roshansingh Navlur

Cadmatic Brand Ambassador Roshansingh Navlur – Sales and operations director

Selling more than just software

As Sales and Operations Director for India and SE Asia, Roshansingh Navlur has played a pivotal role in expanding Cadmatic’s area of operations. Now, with India being the company’s second home, there’s a lot of potential for growth driven by strong goals and values.

From India to Finland and back again

Roshansingh - Roshan to his friends – joined Cadmatic way back in 2005 when he was living in Finland. Eight years later he returned to India. “It was a huge advantage to be working in Finland until 2013 when I decided to move back to India and our visionary leadership gave me the opportunity to develop the Cadmatic brand in India and southeast Asia” he explains. “Essentially, I’m a bridge between Finland and India. I understand both the Finnish and Indian ways of working. Being a local has helped me to create the right kind of cultural organization to make our employees and customers feel empowered.”

At first, Roshan faced significant challenges due to the then-market situation. “The first two years were tough. It was a bit like a desert, and I was looking for clients as if I was searching for water,” he smiles, “but I took it as an opportunity to perform and get confidence.” With support from global management, a team was built and after a few years Roshan had created a niche in the crowded Indian CAD market. “We were a late entry into the market here, and our competitors had already been sitting nicely with their clients for 20 years. So, my first goal was to build trust between us and our customers, and within our Cadmatic team.”

Trust, partnerships and growth

Trust within the Cadmatic team is something that Roshan has always tried to foster. “It’s vital that I support our employees in their work and encourage them to communicate with management,” he says. “We need to be open minded and work together to reach our targets.” This working philosophy results in a positive environment and employees who feel empowered and motivated to accept new challenges.

By 2016, there were significant partnerships in the marine and process industry, and today the segments account for Cadmatic’s Indian business in almost equal measure, with a side of construction. A team of 42 sales, marketing, customer success experts, and R&D professionals are based around four offices, in Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. “Head office considers India their second home in terms of their business, so we have developed an approach suitable for our regional customers. India is a big country! I can say that we have shown sustainable, high growth here since 2013.”

Laying the foundations for success

As always, differentiation is a key component of any business strategy. For Cadmatic in India, this comes from a combination of effective communication and a philosophy that creates joint value. “Our company values like succeeding together and delighting customers are really key to what we do,” explains Roshan. “In Cadmatic, unlike our competitors, we don’t go only to sell software. We also sell our values and personalities. We offer a consortium of people that can understand their challenges and know how Cadmatic can assist in overcoming them now and in the future.”

For Roshan, the past ten years has laid the foundations for the long-term success of Cadmatic in the region. He sees both the company’s and his own personal and professional goals to be met in the coming years. “I can see from our history how Cadmatic turns dreams into reality. They have grown to have a presence in over 60 countries. On my own journey I have always been given the opportunity to improve myself and take on new responsibilities. Our management’s vision and mission is greatly appreciated, and I have no doubt we will continue to reach our year-on-year milestones. My dream is to retire at this wonderful company,” he concludes.