Riku Parkkinen & Teemu Mikkelä

Riku Parkkinen and Teemu Mikkelä joined the Cadmatic Customer Service team at the beginning of January.

Riku is an Electrician and works as an Application Specialist in Customer Service in Kotka, Finland. Riku handles Finnish customer requests related to our Electrical product with the help of his team. He also participates in developing our customer service and software testing.

"Key to my motivation is succeeding in solving customers' problems. And the best way to learn this is by doing.

Riku is very enthusiastic to dig deeper into his work. He is eager to learn and find out how to help customers in the best way possible. To wind down after work, Riku watches series, plays computer games, rides his motorcycle, or jogs.

Teemu joined the Cadmatic team in Kouvola, Finland after graduating as a Master of Science in Technology in Electrical Engineering. Teemu works as an Electrical Application Specialist. He helps our sales team to create solutions for customers and is part of the team behind the Cadmatic Support Portal where he solves English customer requests related to CADMATIC Electrical. Teemu performs also product testing, and development.

"I am happy I have the opportunity to develop myself."

Continuous problem solving and new challenges keeps Teemu motivated. He also enjoys being in contact with customers and cannot wait to for the chance to train them. In his free time, Teemu spends time with his girlfriend and his 1-year-old daughter. Additionally, he likes outdoor activities and during the summer he enjoys playing frisbee golf with his friends.

PS: Since this article was published, Riku has started a new position as Electrical Specialist and Teemu as Product Owner at Cadmatic. 

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