Matias Vanhanen

"Making things work"

"I have always been enthusiastic about figuring out how technical devices work, and moreover, why they don't work the precise way we desire. This urge has driven me to solve problems in various fields of technology. But the greatest satisfaction does not come from the achievement of making a widget perform as I want it to. It comes from successfully helping our customers to overcome technical challenges that hinder their everyday work. I find that more empowering that any salary could ever be."
"If I had to put it in to just one word, the best thing about Cadmatic is: Colleagues. I feel privileged to be part of such a great team. Other than that, Cadmatic's stability and outstanding working atmosphere are big plusses,"

Matias sums up Cadmatic's advantages.

Matias works as a member of the Information Management Solutions team as a software engineer. "The development of eShare and eGo has introduced me to a brand new world of an advanced software technologies," Matias says.

"Every day I arrive at the office in a cheerful state and leave the office a bit more skilled, isn't that the equation for an excellent place to work?"

PS: Since this article was published, Matias has started a new position as Project Manager, Customer Projects at Cadmatic.

Matias Vanhanen

Matias Vanhanen

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