Madalina Florean

Cadmatic Brand Ambassador Madalina Florean – Director, Technology Development & Promotion

Connections and cooperation lead to success

“I think that our software is based on connection and cooperation, like our teamwork,” says Madalina Florean, Director of Technology Development, based at Cadmatic’s offices in Groningen, Netherlands. With this positive philosophy, it’s always been easy for her to fit in with the company’s values and work environment.

Contributing from the start

Madalina started working for Cadmatic some ten years ago, as the company she worked for since her graduation was acquired by the Finnish business. Immediately, she realised Cadmatic held new opportunities. “When I started, I saw a flexible and extensive piece of software, created by a group of clever and open-minded individuals. Although I had experience with large scale software systems, I was quite young compared to my colleagues. Nevertheless, there was room for me to express ideas and contribute directly from the beginning,” she says.

In fact, it is quite common for Cadmaticans to start their careers quite early, often directly from university. Cadmatic is a welcoming, encouraging place to work as the company recognises the benefits of a diverse workforce. “Diversity and innovation go together,” Madalina believes. “In the Groningen office there are people with many different backgrounds and expertise. It is very dynamic. This group of people is important because we decide together how we will create things, and we need to be flexible in changing and adapting. We spend so much time together it’s imperative to be kind and understanding.”

Teamwork, talking, and technology

The emphasis on teamwork is one of the things that Madalina uses to meet both her own and Cadmatic’s goals. “Teamwork and good communication go hand-in-hand,” she points out, “which, along with cutting-edge technology, help us succeed together. We balance our software complexity with our investment in new technologies, such as 3D graphics engines and AI, to achieve a synergy between our existing and new modules. With a handful of people, we produce outstanding software that outperforms bigger players with far bigger resources.”

Although she hopes that Cadmatic’s upward trajectory continues, Madalina recognises that with growth come new challenges. Communication can become more difficult and managing interaction between the company and customers ever more important. Nonetheless, Cadmatic is still at a size where contact with customers is relatively easy. “We have a close relationship with our customers. We travel to them and build close contacts, so we all understand the requirements and resolutions. We have customers of different sizes with different challenges. Therefore, understanding them properly helps us to be solution orientated and flexible.”

Helping create real-world results

The projects that Cadmatic software is used for often involve large, complicated constructions that can have significant real-world results. “That’s one thing I like about this job,” Madalina continues, “that we can see the results of what we do and how they help people. This is a big motivator for me because I believe in technology supporting human beings.”

For this reason, she also feels that despite increasing digitalisation and automation in all kinds of industries, this should not be seen as taking anything away from the importance of people. “The software we make is not based on replacing people but really creating cooperation. It’s not an end to the creativity of human mind but is something that brings the extra edge to what our customers are doing, to augment what we have been creating. Our software is a tool to help creativity, to help people focus on building together.”

To anyone wondering whether joining Cadmatic is the right step, Madalina concludes with some words of encouragement. “You’d be joining a growing, dynamic and diverse company. No working day is the same, and striking a balance is key. Ultimately, we work and succeed together, and we use our knowledge and expertise as cornerstones of our future development. My advice is to be curious, open-minded, eager to learn and creative. Be critical regarding ideas, but be kind to people.”