Jayendra Tarke

Cadmatic Brand Ambassadors Jayendra Tarke – Sales Head P&I India

Improving Indian industry insights

Born and raised in Mumbai, and with over 24 years of experience in the CAD field, Jayendra Tarke has brought a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to his position as Cadmatic Head of Sales, [NB1] [NH2] India.

Experience gives the edge

Jayendra joined Cadmatic in March 2022 after a long career working for various IT and engineering design companies in India. “I’ve worked with many owner operators and plant engineering software organisations, including some of our competitors,” he says, “and because I know the industry, I can leverage my connections and know-how to convert opportunities into value for Cadmatic.”

Jayendra’s experience gives him insights into both Cadmatic and the Indian market as a whole. “Cadmatic is a growing organisation with a lot of room for self-development and an open working environment. Our solutions are very simple to use, adaptable, and flexible compared to others on the market,” he explains. “These traits are highly valued by our customers.”

But establishing Cadmatic in India has not been a simple process. “For one thing,” Jayendra points out, “some of our competitors have been around since 1990, whereas Cadmatic only started in India in 2007. So, we had some catching up to do. Another problem is the complex public tendering process we have, which requires filling a lot of criteria with very specific terms and conditions. And the lack of market reach when I joined was concerning.”

Improving that market reach was the first thing on Jayendra’s to-do list. Without giving away his secrets, it can be said that the results have been impressive. “In the first quarter this year we gave 59 demos to new customers. Last year, we welcomed 19 new customers to the Cadmatic family. [NB3] [NH4] What this shows is that customers are looking for alternatives to larger companies who set strict requirements and conditions for use. We will see our situation continue to improve.”

Support and education for future growth

In addition to the business growth, Jayendra is also an admirer of Cadmatic’s support and educational programmes both inside and outside the company. “In India we run hands-on educational programmes in partnership with universities and other institutions to increase knowledge and awareness of Cadmatic solutions already at that level. Because we are expanding quickly we also need to make sure that future Cadmaticans are being educated,” he says.

Within Cadmatic, support is ever-present from senior people, and personal development is encouraged. “In the last few months, we have been engaged in a leadership development programme which has been very beneficial. It’s helped us understand our own positive points, our management techniques, and how principles of interaction can be applied in daily life. Everyone is here to improve their knowledge and develop over the long term. Cadmatic helps us do that.”

As for the future, Jayendra sees only positives. “I look forward to seeing our market share continue to grow in the coming years. As for myself,” he smiles, “retirement age here is about 60, and now I’m 49, so I’m looking forward to retiring at Cadmatic.”