Hilda Perander

Summer trainee with a passion for technical documentation

“The overall work experience has been great.”

Hilda Perander joined CADMATIC as a summer trainee during the European summer of 2021. The traineeship is a requirement for her Technical Communication studies at the Tampere University.

Hilda says CADMATIC caught her eye as the traineeship job offer emphasized the multilingual nature of CADMATIC products and the possibility to do translation work. She has mostly been proofreading existing help documentation, but has also been gathering terminology from the programs, making style changes to the documentation, and importing documents into structured documentation.

“I also did some regular maintenance work for smaller projects before one of the product releases,” Hilda adds.

She was pleasantly surprised with the documentation software used at CADMATIC, which she says is considerably more user-friendly than what she has been used to during her studies.

Traineeship a great experience

For Hilda, the overall traineeship experience has been “great”.

“During our studies we learned to write documentation for all sorts of technical implements from software to hardware and other technical constructions. At CADMATIC, my work has been focused on writing documentation for software. I would definitely recommend a traineeship at CADMATIC for students who are interested in writing documentation for software and who enjoy working on different projects at their own pace,” says Hilda.

When asked about the most beneficial aspects of the traineeship, Hilda highlights the overall great working experience.

“Before the traineeship, I didn’t really know what the actual work would be like compared to the exercises and assignments we are doing at university. Now, I have a much better understanding of what the work of a technical communicator is like and how I would like to improve in the field.”

Hilda is an avid oboe player, one of the more difficult woodwind instruments to master. She currently plays in the student wind band at the Tampere University. When time allows, she is also keen on handicrafts such as knitting and sewing.

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