Gianluca Ricozzi

"We have challenging targets and it is very exciting to decide what our strategic actions should be to achieve these goals."

Who is Gianluca Ricozzi?

Firstly, I have to say that I have been involved with Cadmatic for many years. I graduated in 2001 with a degree in communication, and I have a master’s degree in European public relations. Outside work, I have a big family. My wife, Chiara, and our six children support me every day and patiently accept all my business travels. In my free time, I like to read and go hiking with my family.

How and when did you end up at Cadmatic?

When I graduated in 2001, it was not a good time to be active in the communication field. It was the same year which saw the September 11 terror attacks in the USA. The marketing and communication field was going through massive reductions in investments. In 2003, I got an opportunity to prepare a marketing plan for Cadmatic via my father. He had been a Cadmatic partner in Italy for many years. I supported him in developing the marketing plan to evaluate the country strategy. After that, I continued working as a Cadmatic reseller for my father’s company. After seven years of cooperation as a reseller, Cadmatic hired me as a full-time employee in 2010.

What is your current position and what are your most important tasks?

My current position is Regional Manager for Italy, Switzerland, and Israel. My main task this year has been establishing a new office in Milan. In this regard, I am supporting my new colleague, Alessandro Percivalle, and planning our actions for the next few years. We have challenging targets and it is very exciting to decide what our strategic actions should be to achieve these goals.

My main sales focus is promoting our eShare information management solution, which I am marketing actively in Italy. The solution is unique with many benefits for EPCs and owner-operators.

Another critical focus area is finding, selecting and activating partners to maximize lead generation. I firmly believe that such partnerships will help us to achieve a leadership position in the plant market in a few years.

What are the most challenging aspects of your work?

In the CAD plant business, Cadmatic has not been in a leadership position. Therefore, when we have a new opportunity and visit a new prospect, we must demonstrate in a limited time that our solution is worth it. It needs patience and the capability to understand and later use any critical issues that customers may have.

In business, you come across many kinds of people, but they all have a straightforward need: they want to ease their activities as much as possible. And this is the part that I love the most: to prove to them that they can trust us so that later they can feel empowered!

What do you like most about your work?

My work is all about relationships and trust: I must find a way to gain the confidence of the person in front of me and understand the needs of the company he or she represents. This is an exciting part of my work.

In many cases, expectations are similar, but commonly you cannot present the solution in the same way. The differences mean that I must deliver the same message with a different approach depending on the situation. I like the challenges this poses.

What do you think makes CADMATIC eShare information management product special?

Of all the products in our product portfolio, CADMATIC eShare is the one that I’m pushing most in Italy. The solution is unique with many benefits for EPC companies and owner-operators. This is my main sales task today. The key benefit of eShare is the possibility to share the model over the Internet without a cloud approach. This makes it easy for our customers to link all their data and documents, without the need for a new data warehouse and the time-consuming collection and management of different and unstructured information. Eventually, this will make our IM solution a real game-changer on the market.

How do you see the potential of Cadmatic in your responsibility areas?

Cadmatic has great potential! We offer a solution that has the same features as our most significant competitors on the market, but with a price model and an easy-to-learn approach in line with basic solutions on the market. This puts us in a unique position.

Italian companies are now finally noticing that they can avoid dedicating a huge budget without compromising on features by investing in Cadmatic. Furthermore, our customers appreciate the stable partnerships we have created with other players to present integrated solutions. Cooperating with companies like CSA, CLA, and Unitec has made it possible to provide high-quality services and solutions without any delays or compromises.

One of my customers in Saudi Arabia once told me that they invested in Cadmatic because we developed a solution they requested in the same time that other suppliers would have taken to evaluate whether such development was possible. This is still valid today and the base of what makes Cadmatic an exclusive partner.

PS: Since this article was published, Gianluca has started a new position as Business Development Director at Cadmatic.

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