CADMATIC welcomes a new customer in Italy - Pensotti FCL S.p.A

Over the years CADMATIC'S customer's base in Italy has grown steadily. We are glad that we have been able to provide modern effective 3D design solutions for the challenging projects done by our Italian customers.

Pensotti FCL S.p.A is a boiler manufacturing company operating mainly in the European, Middle Eastern and South American markets.

Mr. Maurizio Pizzoli from Process Department says:

"In order to improve the efficiency of our engineering activities, we decided to purchase CADMATIC Plant 3D Design at the beginning 2015. We consider it to be one of the most cost-effective 3D tools for industrial design. Our intention is to use CADMATIC 3D Plant Design software for all the commissions we acquire this year.

The most important and useful aspects are:

  • Whole plant 3D modelling
  • Automatic MTO generation
  • Isometric and spool generation

These activities up to now where completely assigned to external engineering companies; actually we have the possibility to develop them internally (at least partially) and consequently increase our control and efficiency.

The eBrowser tool is also particularly important for our business because it helps us to work together on the same model with some of our customers and suppliers that use the same software."