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Mikko Yllikäinen

I have a great passion for product management and I feel a high level of responsibility towards my customer.

“I have a great passion for software development and I feel a high level of responsibility towards my customers. Working between the two worlds I try to make sure that our customers can benefit from the best modern technologies,”

When CADMATIC and NCG merged last September, Mikko was working as a Project Manager helping customers to implement CADMATIC eShare and integrating it with other systems. After the merger he was given the responsibility to oversee the development of the information management products as the Product Owner.

“During the past 9 years in the CADMATIC family, I’ve grown to love the open atmosphere. Moreover, I like CADMATIC people. They are very collaborative and they inspire me every day. They push me to give my absolute best every single day. Hand in hand with these people, we can conquer the world,” Mikko says with a smile.

Mikko is now busy introducing CADMATIC eGo to the market, establishing CADMATIC eShare’s market position and showing the world the potential of these two products. “My goal is to show our customers – both existing and potential ones – how investing in information management results in reduced errors and improved efficiency,” Mikko says.

“I am committed to satisfying customer requests and needs. The customers’ satisfaction is always connected to my passion for creating elegant solutions, so I don’t like to create software just for the sake of creating it. Solving customer problems needs to be at the core of everything” Mikko further elaborates.

Mikko is the CADMATIC Information Management Solutions product owner.

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