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H&D Engineering continues close cooperation with CADMATIC

“To fulfil our demanding customers’ requirements we have to ensure maximum operating efficiency. With the help of CADMATIC Plant Design Software, we can.” says Štěpán Šmida, Machine Design Department Manager at H&D Engineering.

“CADMATIC can process data from laser scanning and allows easy communication with other design software.”

Heating plant Otrokovice,CZ (2015)

The whole boiler was scanned with a 3D laser scanner after which the 3D model was uploaded to CADMATIC. The recirculation of flue gas at the Otrokovice heating plant focused on emission reduction and improvement of the coal mill system security. The feasibility of the heating plant was studied and mathematical models were developed to compare the heating plant’s various operations. The modification of the existing brown coal burning boilers was also studied for multi-fuel boilers in order to add coal and biomass to the base fuel.

Planá nad Lužnicí Heating Plant, CZ (2013-2014)

This power plant project was partly a greenfield project and partly a modernization/retrofit of an existing power block. Tekla® software was used for most of the steel structures.

Project info:

  • Greening and Renovation of the heating plant
  • Installation of Rolls Royce cogeneration units with gas engines of 4 x 9175 kW electrical output and HRSG of 4 x 2850 kWth steam and 4 x 4780 kWth hot water  
  • Gas pipelines
  • Renovation of the heat distribution system
  • External pipeline systems for boilers
  • Coal Handling


H&D Engineering benefited from the dynamic workflow between CADMATIC and Tekla® Structures; fluent information sharing was ensured by combining the structural steel model with the plant design model.

“CADMATIC allows quick, easy and above all precise design. It helps us to reduce the time required for creating final documentation to a minimum. It allows easy layout changes and simple management of KKS coding implementation in the documentation and model. CADMATIC does not require extensive hardware and the amount of processed data is very small. Within individual projects it is possible to make individual adjustments.” Štěpán Šmida adds.

H&D Engineering was established in 1993 in the Czech Republic. Its core business is the provision of engineering services to the power sector. The company’s services include technical consulting, conceptual projects, feasibility studies, documentation for building permits, detail design projects, start-up projects, as-built design, and technical supervision. At present, the company has 30 permanent technological specialists, civil engineers, architects and steel structures engineers, electrical engineers and fire experts focused in power engineering and industrial buildings.

H&D Engineering

Recirculation of flue gas (boilers K3+K4)

3 pulverized boilers 125 t/h (97MWt) + 2 TG 25 Mwe

Planá nad Lužnicí Heating Plant, CZ (2013-2014) - C-Energy

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