Shell Plate Development

CADMATIC Shell Plate Development is a unique module for developing shell plates extremely accurately. It is suitable for both cold forming and line heating processes. The module mathematically calculates double curved plates into a flat pattern, taking care of the required elongation/shrink caused by the double curva-ture. Due to the accurate computation shell plates can be developed without green/extra length. The Shell Plate development module is an add-on module to Hull Structure Design.

Key facts:
  • A unique and powerful module for developing shell plates extremely accurately
  • Calculates templates for bending including marking lines
  • Generates elongation lists, 2D sketches and geometry of each shell plate ready for nesting
  • Generates shell view drawings including aft, side, top and spatial views

The engineer has the possibility to add and modify topological seams & butts and other hull lines to the shape database with various functions, which offers a flexible way of working. 2D shell views can be gener-ated automatically including seams & butts with the existing hull structure in the 3D hull model such as decks, girders, frames, etc.

The Pin-Jigs module creates pin-jig information automatically from the 3D model for larger shell plate panels and calculates the optimized position of the pin-jig. The Pin-Jigs module is an extra add-on module to the Hull Structure module.

Shell Plate Development – technical description

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