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Cadmatic eBrowser

    Cadmatic eBrowser is a 3D browsing and reviewing tool for desktop and web use. It can be run as a standalone desktop application as well as a web browser plugin.

    eBrowser can work in free or full, licensed mode. The free mode allows for a similar virtual walk around the 3D model as with the full mode but does not include access to component data or measurements within the model. The isolation of systems and location of objects in the model, as well as linkage to other databases and documents, is only available in the full mode of eBrowser. Once you have installed eBrowser and used it in the free mode you can obtain a license and start using the full mode without reinstalling.

    The demo models that you can download below enable the full mode so that you can try all features of eBrowser.

    Install eBrowser

    • Download eBrowser installer zip file to a location on your hard drive and extract the files.
    • Run (as administrator) eBrowserSetup.exe.
    • Start eBrowser from the Start Menu or by opening an *.ebm eBrowser model (if you don't have an eBrowser model you can download an example below.)
    • The application will be prompt you to register it. (This step can be skipped if you already have a license.)
    • In this prompt you can also find your Registration ID which is needed during registration.
    • Register eBrowser.
    • After submitting the registration form you will receive an e-mail that contains your Activation Code and instructions that will help you activate eBrowser.

    Download and register the new 2015Q3 version!

    Download eBrowser x64


    Download eBrowser x86

    Register eBrowser »

    eBrowser demo models


    eBrowser Demo
    a large 3D plant model
    (1000 kB)


    eBrowser Demo
    a large 3D ship model
    (8500 kB)


    eBrowser Demo
    a small 3D ship model
    (1500 kB)