Technical Writer/Documentation Engineer

to join our Product Creation unit. This position is based in CADMATIC Groningen, the Netherlands.

We are looking for Technical Writer/Documentation Engineer to join our Product Creation Unit. This position is based in CADMATIC Groningen, the Netherlands.

As a technical writer, you will be working on technical documentation for the customers. You will describe the technical functions of our 3D CAD/CAM software CADMATIC in a clear and understandable way for professional users of our software. The goal of the documentation is that customers understand the value of the software functions and understand how they can use them.

You will be a stakeholder in determining the needs of end users of technical documentation. Studying our products and talking with product designers, application specialists and developers provides you with the necessary input for the documentation. Different media will be used by you to increase the users' understanding (screenshots, diagrams, videos, etc.) You will be an important stakeholder in deciding which medium will be the most effective for delivering the message (manual, online manual, video, etc.)

You will be responsible for the content, layout and the use of language. English is the main language used in all documentation. Translation of your work in e.g. Chinese and Russian will be done by others.

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Groningen, the Netherlands

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For more information please contact Product Marketing Manager Ludmila Seppälä, +358 50 4329 726

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Deadline is February 20, 2017.  Apply now to ensure we review your application without delay

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