Sander Kuik


“I always help people when they need me. Being helpful, doing things in a flash, I am happy when people are happy.”

Sander Kuik is a Sales and Marketing Officer at CADMATIC.  He probably does the most diverse work in CADMATIC. He takes care of invoices, licenses and training schedules. At the same time, he helps with the CADMATIC eNews and marketing work. Due to the diversity of his work, most people in the company need him for help. “I am good at time-management. I know how to prioritize tasks and I am fast,” Sander says with a smile.

Working in the sales department, Sander is motivated everyday by his colleagues. “Our people have top know-how and they are willing to teach me. Helping and getting helped, we succeed together with good teamwork,” Sander shares his point of view about CADMATIC values.

“CADMATIC merged operations with NCG more than a year ago. I feel that the internal communication is getting better and personal connections with my new colleagues are also becoming tighter. That is why we call ourselves ONE COMPANY.” 

From the willingness to help and the enjoyment of helping, Sander shows his altruism, which empowers him and his colleagues every day.  

Sander Kuik

Sander Kuik, Sales & Marketing Officer at CADMATIC.

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