Roshansingh Navlur

Key account management

Roshansingh Navlur is the CADMATIC Director of Sales & Operations in India and SEA. He started as a plant and machine design engineer at Elomatic (CADMATIC’s mother company) in 2005, after which he transferred to CADMATIC in 2007. Overall he has spent more than a decade (12 years) in the Elomatic Group. In total, he has 18 years’ of work experience in design, technical support, sales and management.

“In order to grow stronger in a region, key account management is the most important tool I use to empower my customers,” Roshansingh says.

He is fully aware of the importance of trust in building relationships. He knows how to approach the right people with different communication skills in order to establish, develop and maintain customer relationships. He has built strong trust-based relationships with his customers in India and SEA countries.

“CADMATIC is a family more than a company to me. I like the open atmosphere and transparency. They always empower me to develop myself and to take decisions that are in the best interests of the company” Roshansingh describes his feelings towards CADMATIC.

Roshansingh’s contribution was phenomenal in building up the Elomatic India office from 2005 to 2007.

From 2007 to 2012 he worked as a member of a technical team at the CADMATIC head office Turku, Finland. He has been successfully leading the CADMATIC India office towards stronger growth in the region since his return back to India in 2012. His presence in India is adding a value in bridging the gap between the Asian and European work cultures.

Olli Manner (Chairman of the board of Elomatic) and Jukka Rantala (CEO of CADMATIC) say that they are very happy, not because of the new offices in India, but because of the presence of Roshansingh Navlur there. These positive words motivate Roshansingh to generate more business growth in the marine and plant segments.

By managing key accounts well, Roshansingh is ready to empower his CADMATIC customers for the next decade and beyond.

Roshansingh Navlur

Roshansingh Navlur is the CADMATIC Director of Sales & Operations in India and SEA.

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