Juha Asanti

I don’t like complementing myself as I feel this is something that should come from my colleagues or customers. If there is anything that defines me, then I think it should be honesty,” Juha says.

Juha has been working at CADMATIC for more than 5 years. He started as a Master’s thesis worker, after which he progressed to the position of Customer Service Engineer. He is now the regional manager for the Middle East and South East Asia.

“Some people might think that honesty is not always helpful in selling, however, my honesty makes me a trustworthy partner for my customers. You need to tell your customers if something is not possible and provide them with alternatives.”

“This company is a family and the family atmosphere makes me happy at work. After the merger between CADMATIC and Numeriek Centrum Groningen, the company has been developing in the right direction. Moreover, we have more family members,” Juha says with a smile when explaining how he feels about CADMATIC.

Juha Asanti
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